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Preorder information... Exciting prints and soooo much information!

Preorders, preorders, preorders! The coolest prints with custom sizing options and a variety of items. The best option for those looking to buy items outside of our most popular grow with me items/adjustable products. We offer a variety of items for women and children and we include a mens raglan shirt as well. We are gonna touch base on some of the options below.... FIRST JOIN OUR TEXT OR EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION SO YOU GET NOTIFIED WHEN WE OPEN NEW PREORDERS :) Our regularly offered items on our preorder will be available for every preorder we run. Don't love the print this time? don't sweat it! check in next week and im sure that one will spark some excitement. We try...

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Big But Great Changes

Its been a while since I have done one one these! Its been a fun year of business growth and changes along the way. When our family decided to add G to our circle we knew that I would have to focus on Binky D after taking a long break from business and growing some other seamstress skills. We rocked it! This year has been full of love and support from my customer base and business community and we had a few hiccups along the way, as expected with any business that is growing and evolving.  Here are some of our future plans that are gonna make Binky D even more rewarding for you and help us run it more...

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