Holidays Approaching and A New Shiny Year

We hope you all find yourself well during this time of the year. We have taken a break from preorders and will only be dropping items in the store on Sundays at 9PM Eastern until the new year. Its such a busy and stressful time of the year for many and we send lots of love to all of our fans. 

Just 22 months ago we took a huge leap and decided to add one more child to our wild and crazy dynamic. Its been a very trying but rewarding time. We went from working out of the home, after taking a much needed break from Binky D, to being a full force work at home mom again. We for the most part love it! but completely underestimated how hard it is staying home with kiddos full time, on top of running a company! eep! BUT we are so thankful that we have this opportunity to be home with our son Eugene and are so thankful for all of our customers who made this a reality. 

Thank you! Thank you so much for your love and support. You all rock and Eugene is thankful for you too!

Eugene turns 1 on Christmas Eve.....bah humbug! even though he was quite a difficult young baby (many of you have watched our journey) he has turned into such a glowing and cheerful tot and we cant wait to watch the new year unfold. 

This year we have some major Binky D goals since we are out of the most trying young baby stage! We plan to do preorders ever other week, which will now be hosted on our website, and drops on the off weeks. More ready to ship and more organized preorders. All preorders will be hosted on our website now to make the process more seamless and shiny. 

Sign up for our newsletter if you have not yet because we will be using it every other week to keep our fans in the loop about future prints and as always join our FB group.

With love and thanks,

Ashley Dixon


  • yushamiwlt

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Claire Fox

    I love the Facebook group has been such an great place to find out about future prints and even snag some prints that aren’t preorders!
    Signing up for emails and even texts messages is extremely helpful to not miss anything!
    Send BINKYDSAVE10 to 81493 and receive a 10% off discount code for signing up!

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