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This is a PREORDER for solid color items in the colors posted below. We will change the solids we offer every 6 weeks. If you are not comfortable waiting 8 weeks to receive your item please do not purchase this listing. 

Our grow with me style pants come in the sizes offered below...

Size 1 CoolPants fit 6 months-2 years

Size 2 CoolPants fit 2-4 years

Pris fit 1-5 years

Skater Pants Size 1 fit 3 months-1 year

Skater Pants Size 2 fit 1-3 years

Grow with rompers also are offered and come in 2 sizes

Size 1 GWMR 3 months-1 year

Size 2 GWMR 1-3 years

If you have any questions about an order do not hesitate to email us at